Choosing workstations for your business can be very difficult as there are many factors you need to consider. These include; space, type of business, cost, design and ergonomics. There are many different designs available so it is important that you don’t just choose the workstation that looks the best.

Always work with the space you have! Most companies offer a free measure and quote so take advantage of this. You need to know that the amount of desks required will fit in the office space you are working with. There are a number of different standard dimensions available for office workstations, so make sure you don’t get caught out buying the wrong size.

Your type of business is very important as it will determine the type of function you need these workstations to play. For example call centres always require higher partitions and can make do with smaller desk sizes. If your business needs employees to communicate and collaborate with one another, than you’re more likely to go with open plan workstations.

As always cost can be a huge factor. This is also an area where it benefits to take advantage of the free measure and quote. Doing this will allow you to make sure that the company you decide to purchase off actually understands your business requirements whilst providing you with a good price on your office workstations.

I often say that an office space is a reflection of your business and your office workstations can be a great opportunity to brand your workspace. You can do this by using your company colours as partitions or screens.

These days we are more conscious of health and look for ergonomic products. Choosing workstations which allow employees to adjust desk height and give them the ability to stand are become increasingly popular, and so they should. Just be prepared to pay extra for this so if cost is a major factor choose workstations with a hand crank mechanism or traditional workstations.

Also as mentioned in my “The secrets to saving BIG on your office furniture blog” be prepared when purchasing your workstations as these can take up to 12 weeks to supply and install. If you want to make huge savings then make a decision on them earlier.

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