Office furniture for your business is a lot different to the office furniture you can go down to the shops and buy from any retailer. The biggest differences are the quality and price.

When buying office furniture you must realise that it is going to be used every day, by employees who don’t really care about it. Therefore, it needs to be commercial grade furniture so it can withstand the pressures of daily use. The obvious thing here is that commercial furniture costs more than regular furniture, but there are a couple of tips I have passed onto clients when in the market for new office furniture.

The first secret is to be prepared! This means buying your furniture around 6 – 8 weeks before you need it. When my clients can wait 6 – 8 weeks for their furniture, it gives me the ability to pass on savings of up to 25% off retail price! Giving us this amount of notice allows us to take full advantage of overseas suppliers and partners saving us money on storage, production and shipping. Stylish Office passes these savings onto our clients, and I’m sure others would do the same.

The second big secret is to buy all your office furniture from one supplier! When you really think about it, it isn’t much of a secret. Everyone knows that buying in bulk means you save more and it’s no different with office furniture. The key to this is to ask what kind of discounts you’d be eligible for if you were to purchase all your office furniture from that supplier.

Of course the problem is they might not have a design or style you are after. Stylish Office offer a product sourcing service allowing us to see designs and photos of furniture that clients may be after and either get it produced or source it for clients at discounted prices.

There are further benefits if you do the above. Some suppliers may allow you to change dimensions, colours or even designs for no additional fee which is something that we offer to our clients. So doing all this may allow you to have custom made office furniture purpose built for your office fitout at up to 50% off retail price!

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